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Huge Problem Weed in Metro Atlanta GA, Brookhaven, GA, Dunwoody, GA and Chamblee, GA

Commonly Named: Violet, Common blue, Meadow violet, hooded blue violet, woolly blue violet


This plant found in every state east of the Rocky Mountains and is a perennial that reproduces by seeds,and it also spreads aggressively by its rhizomes to form extensive colonies of plants that can crowd out other low-growing vegetation such as turf. It can be purchased as an ornamental garden plant and find its way from there to other areas. A common turf problem it also is found in lawns, roadsides, hardscapes, flower beds, and, and other disturbed, moist, and shaded areas.

How to identify this plant?

Plants are low growing and somewhat textured leaves which arise from the base of the plant on medium long stalks, and heart-shaped and pointed at the tip. The margins have rounded teeth. The flowers are usually dark purple to blue, but may vary to lighter colors or white, with 5 petals. The flower stalks also arise from the base of the plant and are about the same length as the leaves, placing the flowers in amongst the leaves.

Our approach to Control

In turf we would use a selective, systemic, broadleaf herbicide to be effective, along with an application of a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent seed germination in a custom lawn care program that is design to target this weed and others that maybe causing issues within your lawn. We wouldn't recommend physical removal because it is likely to leave rhizomes behind, and result in ineffective control and the spread of this weed. If your lawn is in need of a free analysis from one our professional lawn care expert please give us  a call at 770 679-5579. We service the Metrol Atlanta, GA area including Brookhaven, Chamblee, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, and Buckhead.