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Know your Fescue and What to Do.

When it comes to fescue grass most home owners who have not had dealt with this type of grass do not understand when to seed, what type of grass to seed, how often to seed, and what to do once they have established a lush and thick lawn whether it is from fescue sod or seed.  Fescue grass; in my opinion, is the best looking grass of all grass types because it gives your home that character and value you want your home to give off and it stays green all year round.

 Here are some simple tasks to do once you have a fescue lawn.

1.       Budget your lawn program. This means set up a budget specifically for your fescue lawn.  Fescue lawn can be the most expensive lawns you can maintain because it requires consistent feeding and overseeding unlike a warm season grasses like Bermuda, Zoysia, or Centipede that are common in Metro Atlanta area.

2.       Know what type of fescue you want. There are a lot of fescue types that react differently in heat, shade, and water. Fescue can also vary in color and have a light green color as well as a dark green, thin blade or thick blades. Even the cutting heights may vary with the types of fescue so definitely keep good record of what you are using and try to stay consistent with your mowing habits by setting your mower or have good communication with your lawn company and be adamant about how you want your lawn maintained.

3.       Know when you should overseed your fescue lawn. A good lawn can be overseeded  once a year with no drought  issues the year,  consistent feeding and good mowing practices. A great lawn is overseeded twice a year regardless of the harsh summers or up keep during the growing season because the thicker and denser it is, the less likely you will have other issues like weeds and drought issue by keeping the soil moist underneath with watering. Twice a year is ideal and if issues arise then your lawn will be able to endure a year with only one seeding and still look great.

4.       Be consistent with your treatment program. Fescue lawns grow year round, yes they grow slower in the winter but it still grows. This means winterizing, watering, and aeration are necessary. The best approach is to have a custom lawn care company if you are not the do-it-yourself type because the program will be catered to your grass type and usually a good company will fix any issues that causes your  lawn not to look like it should at no cost or very little cost.

These are the basic things that should be kept in mind when you are dealing with your fescue lawn.  Here at MosquitoGuard Plus we specialize in fescue lawn seeding and treatment programs. We are currently serving Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Chamblee, Dunwoody, and North Buckhead in GA. Please call 770 679-5579.