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Special Offer on Silverfish Control in Brookhaven, GA


Silverfish and Firebrat Possible Names:  Fish-moth, bristletail

What does a silverfish look like?

There are several species of silverfish and they are elongate insects with long, thin antennae with three long appendages at their rear end – a pair of long, thin cerci that project out sideways and a central, longer filament. The colors can be from silvery gray to dark gray with darker lines running front to back on top, which gives these insects common names such as “silver” fish or “four-lined” silverfish.Their evidence of presence will be the black pepper-like fecal droppings that they leave where they roam. Attics often have a huge abundance of the feces lying on insulation or rafters and their damage will be holes made by their rasping mouthparts. Silverfish is common in Brookhaven, Georgia and can be scary on site. Mosquitoguard Plus can control this insect under our special bundle program offer for $79.99 that controls up to 200 insects including the silverfish.

These insects undergo simple metamorphosis, molting as much as 50 times before they reach the adult stage and this can be anywhere from a few months to as long as 3 years, depending on the conditions it is living in. They can live for several years.

Silverfish feed on a wide variety of materials, including human foods, paper products, fabrics, or glue in books and wallpaper. They are common outdoors in woodpiles or fences. This insect is covered with scales and is flattened from top to bottom, and are able to squeeze into tiny cracks to hide or to gain entry. They invade a structure from the outside, and so elimination of harborage sites near the structure will be important in preventing their presence. Inspection of incoming materials also helps to prevent their presence inside. For interior infestations treatment of attics and wall voids with a residual dust insecticide will be effective, and an exterior treatment around the foundation with a residual insecticide also helps to prevent their entry. We are currently serving Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Chamblee, and Dunwoody. Please give us a call or text us at 770 679-5579.