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What is The Chikungunya Virus?
The chikungunya virus is a virus that is transmitted to people via mosquitoes. Symptoms of infection with chikungunya include fever, joint pain, headaches, muscular pain, swelling of the joints and a rash. There have been outbreaks of this virus in Africa, Asia, Europe and also the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The virus spread to the Americas for the first time in 2013, with infections occurring in the Caribbean.
There are concerns that the virus will continue to spread to new areas through travel and tourism. There is currently no vaccination available, and no medicine to treat the infection, so people who are travelling to high risk areas are advised to take precautions to protect themselves from mosquito bites.
After infection, symptoms can take three to seven days to appear. The condition is not usually fatal, but it can be incredibly debilitating. Some people make a full recovery within a week, but in other cases the joint pain associated with the infection can persist for several months.  
The very young, the elderly, and those who suffer from diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure are at more risk than those who are young and healthy of suffering from a severe form of chikungunya that takes longer to recover from. 
The symptoms of chikungunya are quite similar to those of dengue, which is also spread via mosquitoes. Anyone who suspects that they may have chikungunya should inform their doctor that they have recently travelled to an area where there is a risk of such infection, so that the doctor knows to consider the possibility. 
How we can help control this virus?
As a mosquito control professional we can help prevent the virus from happening on your property by developing a comprehensive program that fits the life cycle of mosquitoes that are on your property which means its all about timing and consistency. MosquitoGuard Plus is an expert in the field of mosquito control in Brookhaven GA.
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