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Mulching vs Bagging Fall Leaves in Brookhaven, GA

Mulching vs Bagging Your Leaves?

This is a common question in the surrounding metro Atlanta and Brookhaven, GA area because there are hundreds of big trees that make it an overwhelming task to the home owners. This video helps a lot because every landscape is different. We take a lot of factors into consideration when a client wants a fall yard clean-up. The first thing is how does the condition of the lawn look, then we look at the beds, and last the design of the landscape. All these factors play a significant role in pricing, work load, benefits to the lawn and what the customer wants  to do. We primarily recommend mulching if there isn't a lot of leaves to move or the customer want to meet a pricing point before considering how important it would be to their lawn. Mulching can greatly improve run-off in areas that have lost good soil. It can also be great if you want to redesign your lawn and you want to implement a new flower bed or underneath trees that are giving off too much shade and you want to improve the condition of the soil there. 

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