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How to plant grass seeds?

here are alot of ways for planting grass seeds and all grass seeds have the best results when planted into a prepared aerated, dethatched or raked soil which means no plants or weeds are present.

The key to grass seed germination is to have good "seed to ground" contact meaning that the seeds is in contact to the surface of the ground. Ideally the best seed/ground contact is where the seeds are completely surrounded by dirt.

Four grass seed planting rules should be adhered to when creating good seed to ground contact insuring proper germination of your grass seeds:

  1. The primary requirement is that grass seeds must be planted (covered by soil) at the correct depth. With most grass seeds that depth is 1/8 to 1/4 of soil above the seed.  
  2. Second is that good seed to ground contact also means that the soil has good moisture and that the soil is in CLOSE contact with the seeds allowing moisture in the soil to enter the seeds.  
  3. Third a key factor in getting seeds to germinate is that the temperatures (and season) must be right for the particular type of grass seeds planted. Also there must be adequate soil moisture for the seeds to germinate. Depending on the soil type, watering may be required multiple times daily in order to keep the top inch or two of soil moist (not wet) for the seeds to germinate and the seedlings (germinated seed plant) to grow.
  4. The last is having the proper nutrients and feeding requirements for your seeds. When planting grass seed it is essential to apply lime or iron or both when planting because the soil may be depleted of those key nutrients. Also add a good starter fertilizer to stimulate growth. 

These key rules can not only increase the germination rate but also cut cost each time you have to over seed your lawn. We would like to offer a free estimate on seeding your lawn and give you tips on what type of grass seed is recommended for your current landscape make up. Please contact us at 770 679-5579 if you are in the Brookhaven GA area or surrounding city.