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Best Aeration Services in Brookhaven, GA 30319

Aeration is essential for all types of grasses when the lawn needs ventilation underneath surface of the soil. Most customer associate aeration with seeding and good growth of the freshly seeded lawn. Well as a lawn care professional I would like to get our clients to understand that aeration and seeding has separate but equally important to a great lawn. Seeding needs good seed to ground contact with added nutrients and fertilizer to germinate and aeration does provide that but it only provides it to a certain extent but it is not the sole reason it germinates. We don't want our customers to think the aeration is the reason their lawn looks so great.

We perform aeration because it needs it for other reason more important than seeding the lawn. It's needed to break the surface to rejuvenate soil as well as pulling away the organic material build up. There are other methods that can perform the same objective such as dethatching or raking with a hand rake.

To explain why seed growth is separate from aeration is simple. Once you've decided to seed your lawn the main objective is to figure out how to get good seed to ground contact yet most clients think immediately of an aerator but when you look closely an aerator only provides maybe 6-12 inches of holes that grass seed fall into which does not create density after the germination period. So we as a professional will recommend a dethatcher at times if the lawn has a lot of organic build up like moss, or viney weeds or nutrient depletion on the top of the soil from run-off over time. Your lawn would have more seed to ground contact and loosen the soil per square inch as recommended. 

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