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Bed Bugs In Brookhaven, GA


Bed bugsThese bugs are said to have evolved from bats living in caves in the Middle East.This species is not associated with the spread of disease but its bite can have a serious effect on people who are sensitive to its saliva, and swelling and severe itching or other immune system reactions may be common.

They are nocturnal feeding only at night when people are asleep and during the daylight hours these insects hide in any available crack or hole in the immediate area. The presence of bedbugs may be determined by an unusual “sweet” odor in the room. Females lay their eggs by gluing them to hidden surfaces, laying eggs about 200 eggs. There are 5 instar stages to the nymphs, and the growth to the adult stage takes about a month and a half, although in the absence of a blood source the nymph may lay dormant for long periods. The adult bed bugs can live over a year, and in the absence of human hosts they have been known to feed on birds and rodents. 

What do they look like?

Bed bugs in general are wingless insects with an extremely flattened body from top to bottom, except when they are full with blood. They have a large, round abdomen, long 4-segmented antennae, and a small prothorax that flares to the sides. Their mouth is a short, 3-segmented proboscis that is held below the body when at rest. The human bed bug is distinguished from other species by the antennae, the last part is shorter than the segment before it, the fringe of hairs along the sides of the pronotum are very short, and the front of the pronotum is deeply concave. How to Control them?

Control relies on a thorough inspection of a structure to determine hiding places of the bugs, thorough cleaning of mattresses and bed coverings, and a thorough application of a residual insecticide to all possible cracks, crevices, holes, or other hiding places in the room. Vacuuming with a high-powered vacuum will help to remove many of the pests that are hiding. Give us a call at 770 679-5579. Servicing Brookhaven, GA, Sandy Springs, GA, Dunwoody, GA and Chamblee, GA area.