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Affordable Do-it-Yourself Mosquito Control Service in Brookhaven, GA 30319

Do-it-yourself pest control is a great way to control mosquitoes when you're in need of urgent control, unable to get prompt service from a professional, or simply wanting to save a few dollars with this service.

This video explains the basics for controlling these nuisance insects while applying safe and effective products that are labeled for mosquito control as well as other insects in the state of GA but there are even safer products and more effective procedures that can be done or added when controlling this insect. As a professional mosquito control service provider for the Brookhaven community, we offer green products, record kept application rates/doseage, while giving you 48 hour response time and free retreatments for all season long clients. These benefits save time and the hassle of mixing, putting on protective garments, and a hit or miss approach when doing it yourself.

Mosquitoes can also be resistent to certain products over time so a variation of products and rate/dosage mixing is important, the temperature, weather, or time of day can also have an impact on certain products and procedures which also can give you varied results from doing it yourself. This is another added benefit for using our service because we have the experience to know and track the life cycle of mosquitoes as well as weakening or strengthening our rate/dosages, retreating immediately after a storm, or service at the proper time of day to target that certain species of mosquitoes.

This insect also has certain periods of the season that one species is more active than others like the brown house mosquito may be more active in the spring and less active during the hotter months like August and October where as the Asian Tiger is less active during the spring and very active during July and September and for this reason certain types of products are recommended for instant knock down and less residual or more residual and less instant knock down. When doing it yourself you must kept a variety of products on hand that can be very expensive if you want that mosquito free season. When choosing a service with us we know when, what, where to treat for mosquitoes that can give you family a bug free summer. Please contact us at 770 679-5579 for a free consultation if you are in the Brookhaven, Dundwoody, Sandy Springs, or Chamblee area.